My master class  reveals exactly how I built a multi stream income, how I started a few businesses with over a few million pounds turnover as a single mother.

So as a single mother, I wanted to take control of my financial future and my career. So I wanted to build my own business. So I could always have flexible working hours or have control of my income or like have control over when I worked or whatever it was, you know?

So this is who I am now, and this is what I created in 20 years being in London. Now I own my  cleaning business with a 1.5 million turnover.  I live in 6 bed house, drive tesla, invest in properties and on the stock market and most important I’m able to spend time with my daughter. I’m able to teach her entrepreneurial skills for her life you know, and all that stuff. So I think that personal story is going to be a great way for you to start this out.

So come to my 2 days master classes and learn how you can do it too. 

The best decision that you’ll ever make if you wish to change your life.

I wanted to make lasting positive changes in my life for myself and my daughter. I wanted to build it. Well, I wanted to secure my financial independence.

Maybe you are looking for ways to advance your career, or perhaps even start your own business, probably to be your own boss, but don’t know where to start?  Can you imagine your life being so successful, clients to want to come to you instead you chasing them

So why now, more than ever  we have that opportunity to use  the digital world and to  get our ideas across to other people. Now more than ever  social media can help you to get your business to the level you wish.  

I did that so why not you 

How to do it? YOu can learn from me single mum who has already been there?

As an entrepreneur and business leader of over twenty years who started from nothing, I can promise you that the first step is always the hardest. That first decision that you have to change things for the better is what makes the biggest difference.  

Sure, it might sound arrogant coming from someone who has already “made it”, but it’s not like I was born into any of that. Actually, when I first came to London, I had just £500 to my name and no real marketable skills to speak of. I didn’t know anybody. I couldn’t even speak English! 

What I did have was a goal. I was determined to build a better life for myself and my daughter. 

And that’s what made the difference. I juggled part-time jobs and learned the language at the same time. I had to build up a budget and learn how to start a business from the ground up while also sending money to my daughter back home. Then, I finally started my company, and the rest is history … Or that’s what I’d like to say. In truth, that was just the beginning. I didn’t “make it” overnight (and almost nobody does, really). 


And that’s why I’ve created this programme. 

Here, I’m sharing with you …